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Like it says up there...Since I have to use my limited internet time efficiently, I'm just not able to do more than send out a blanket 'thanks' for the support you folks give; I just want to make it very clear that every one of your Faves and Watches are greatly appreciated, and you're certainly welcome to comment on anything you see or read here. Despite being a trifle thick-headed at times, I'll do my best to respond intelligently; unless you're just looking to kibbutz, I enjoy that, too, and I'll do my best to respond in kind ;) Technically, I always respond in san serif, and then I copy and paste the text file...

Hope everyone is having a pleasant new year. Mine hasn't gotten off to the greatest start, so I'll be brief before this becomes a whine fest, because those are better in the fall...Still waiting to start working in my new place; the move has been kicked ahead to Jan 26. The problem is, there's only been a few days' work at my old place since new year's. The one bright spot about that is, I've been having a lot of back trouble since that same time, so if there had been work, I'd have likely missed some of it, anyway; okay, so that's like a 'birthday candle'-sized bright spot, but ya takes what ya gets. My aching back has been coupled with two weeks of el crappo magnifico weather around here; when we haven't had arctic temps, we've had snow and freezing rain; so, I haven't gotten any work done for DA to speak of, and getting online has been impossible for over a week. There, end of bitching about my life. Could be worse, right? The back's beginning to feel better; and as for the other stuff, the fact that I've posted this for you to read means some things have already improved...

"Whatever Happened To All The Fun In The World?" -Frank Zappa

So, where are we since the last time I posted a journal? I see we're still watching the world attack its' sense of humor. Not a good time to be a satirist, is it? For pete's sake, what kind of a world is it, when power-mad, psychopathic dictators and radical right-wing religious zealot terrorists can't take a joke? It makes one yearn for the good old days, when all an iconoclast had to worry about was persistant law enforcement visits and making a special list at the IRS...A sense of humor is what seperates us from the other species. Even medieval kings had jesters; they alone were allowed the free reign to puncture the dignity of the noblesse oblige, to comically give voice to whatever heretical thought the court may hold but dare not speak. Even a medieval king-who thought the world was flat and only took a bath twice a year-knew that a jester was a necessary pressure-release; a vent for the frustrations of the people, who otherwise might get angry and realize they outnumber you...One of my long time idols is John Cleese; not only is he one of the funniest men of my lifetime, he is also frighteningly intelligent. I saw a recent YouTube talk with Cleese and Eric Idle, and it was brought up that Cleese had met the Dalai Lama. He said the Dalai Lama laughs all the time, laughs at everything; Cleese asked the Dalai Lama about his laughing, and was told that he enjoyed laughing because it 'keeps the mind open to new ideas'. "I like buddhists," Cleese said; "They're always laughing because they find everything so ridiculous..." Maybe the buddhists are on to something, there, hmm? Really, step back and look at it all, step way back, look at everything -son of a gun, it really IS ridiculous, innit? Everything trots along on its' merry way, bees buzz, trees grow; man is the only species conscious of its' mortality. We try to make sense of it, and drive ourselves insane in the process; genetically predisposed to madness, thanks to an awareness of time. Well, so be it. If we're predisposed to craziness, what kind of crazy are we going to be in this life? You going to be Jack The Ripper, or are you going to be Emperor Norton? A jihadist or a jester? Anyone who thinks he's a king rules nothing; he may call all the shots-literally-for a few years, but he ends up worm food like everyone else in the long run. Then what? Uh-huh; you can think, you can hope, you can pray, you can believe-but, then what really? Nothing wrong at all with prayers and beliefs; I certainly have mine, and I really hope you have yours-even if your belief is your confidence in nothing. Whatever works for you. I'm glad it works for you. You think it will work for me? Write about it, put it out there for me to read. Go on the radio, go on the tv, tell me about it. You want to get a message across? You'll never do it with fear, you'll never do it with intimidation. A message has to appeal to a person's intellect. You really want to get a message across? You do it two ways, with humor and/or with music. Fun stuff.
I believe the time has come to completely rethink our whole war on terror strategy. This first involves changing how we look at the Enemy. Stepping back, looking at Everything (remember?), the Enemy is, at base, a fellow insane human; he or she is just a Jack The Ripper-crazy, instead of an Emperor Norton-crazy. How do you fight that? Not like another Ripper; that leads to nowhere. I propose a gradual displacement of militarism with discordianism; I call it 'Operation Confuse-A-Cat'. Airlifting herds of prairie dogs and opossum to Syria; dropping millions of old copies of 'Little Dot' comic books over Yemen. We hack into known Al-Qieda and ISIS websites, replace them with the original 'Hamster Dance' site (we'll err on the side of caution this once, and not utilize the old 'Plastic Jesus' site). Airdrop kudzu over the poppy fields. Jam their radios with polka and ragtime music, and their television with constant reruns of The 3 Stooges and The Goodies. We take whatever alien technology produced that black hole thingy over Norway a few years back, and we fill the entire night sky over the middle east with 'The Rabbit Of Seville'. There's a homefront operation, too. While we beef up security, we hire banjo and bagpipe players to accompany the police; if my theory is correct, before long we'll only need the musicians to keep suspicious loiterers away from any targeted facilities, especially terrorists under 30. We fight 'sleeper cells' with 'cacophany cells'; first confirmed sign any intelligence agency has of a known terrorist lair within a city, the surveillance pulls out to make way for a spontaneous cosplay convention in the street, or a parade of shriners on little scooters to run their drills. All of these combined tactics are so drastically counterintuitive to anything a zealot terrorist would expect, the offensive will surely leave them completely vulnerable; to a man, lying on the floor against the wall with their eyes crossed and their tongues hanging from their mouths, while little birds fly in a circle around their heads, chirping happily.
We're all Charlie. We're all emperors. We're all jesters. We're all bozos on this bus...

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