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Like it says up there...Always very appreciative of folks for stopping by to take a look at my posts-grateful for all the Faves and Llamas, too! And I really enjoy reading any comments, so please always feel free...Due to my current internet connection situation-which is snagging it where I can, when I can-I really don't have the time online to send a personal 'thank-you' to every individual for every Fave I recieve; that's why I always make sure there's a new blanket 'Thank-You' at the opening of every journal update. This is one of those; so, this is one of those...And I do send a greeting to every new Watcher, and am a card-carrying 'Llama for Llama' member! Er...that is, I'm a card-carrying member of the 'Llama For Llama' movement...'Cuz the other way I wrote it, you know-kinda looks like I'm saying I carry around a llama member, or something...


Let me extend a laurel, and hearty handshake to everyone who commented and faved the final installment of the work-in-progress "Adventure Island Tales" #2 comic, which I finally got around to posting recently, after Brian Wilson-Only-Knows how long a wait. Even if you didn't fave or comment, I still appreciate that you read it. Even if you didn't read it, I appreciate you patronizing me, because I've been out of sorts, lately. Now that I've gotten some new sorts, I'm feeling better; I like my new sorts-they have a sparkling drop of Retsyn...Anyroad, if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, that's okay, neither do I. But I did want to say that if you're just tuning in, the work-in-progress in its' entirety can be fou-* ...the work in prog-eh, never mind... -nd in the "AIT 2" Folder in this very DA page's Gallery (Admission: Free) ...And if you've already read it, but want to re-read it now that it's all posted, what is WRONG with you...?!
The next big thing I'm thinking about posting is going to be a surprise to everyone; it's a surprise to me too. But, I'm in a uncharacteristically ambitious mood at the moment...It's going to be new, it's going to feature Jungle Janet, it's going to be in color-or it's going to be in colour-and it's very likely to disappoint a lot of you :) ...But, some of you might like it; it's going to be kind of different, and I'm enjoying working on it (which is something I didn't expect to ever say again...) It's coming along quite nicely, too. I've done two nights' work on it; two pages are completely finished, the other five are all cleaned up and ready for rendering. If I can keep a pace even close to that, it shouldn't take too much longer...


I suspect some of this uncharacteristic ambition I'm currently sparked with has something to do with me finally having my own happy little laptop back, running like it's supposed to once again. It finally came back from the manufacturer, where all its' brains had to be reinstalled because the goofy thing wouldn't play standard music CDs; even the techies at Fry's were buffaloed, so it had to go to the factory for re-braining -and on their dime, heh heh... (Moral: BUY the Warranty!)...I also got my player of choice back-my Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 program-which I'd managed to foolishly Uninstall from my computer, but got reinstalled in the factory refresh :D I did lose about a month's worth of writing in all the file-backupping done from my comp to the loaner comp back to my factory-refreshed comp; that was a bummer, but, y'know, I've lost more writing than that before on this thing. Like 3 or 4 years' worth. I just rewrote it; I can rewrite a month's worth. I'm more bummed about not being able to use Avast Anti-Virus anymore; just a head's up, when you install the free version now, it loads you down with pop-ups(!)to drive you to the subscription version. So, now I've got Comodo...I've also got something called 'Dropbox'; it's the only part of that whole 'Cloud' thing my tech-minded friend trusts, and he helped me set it up. So, no more losing a month's worth of writing, at least barring some solar flare or something...My next goal is to get myself an external hard-drive. Or, even better, get an external hard-drive for my computer; an external hard-drive for myself makes it sound like that little guy in the original 'Casino Royale' movie, who wore a pacemaker on his vest. I get one of those external hard-drive thingies, I won't have to keep ANY files on the machine itself. That's a bit more of a long-term goal, however, as we're rapidly approaching the christmas season, and I'm going to be obligated to spending money on somebody other than myself-much as it pains me to do so...


Well, I REALLY wanted to post a little something in celebration of the Oktoberfest season; but, I'm getting to all of this a bit later than I'd originally hoped, so that's just going to have to wait 'til next year, when it's more appropriate once again. Too bad, too; I honestly have a real affection for 'Oom-Pah' music-part of my heritage, you know, I like to call it 'music to invade Poland by'-but, I will just have to wait and inflict it upon share it with you another time...It's almost too late to be posting any Halloween-themed music, as well, but I think I can sneak this one by. Besides, even when it isn't Halloween, the fact is this still remains one of the greatest music videos of all time...Imagine Cab Calloway playing klezmer music...Well, see for yourself, hope you like it...

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