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Like it says up there...Very appreciative of everyone's support, glad people stop by to take a look around! Still bowled over that new Followers continue to appear; very flattering to an old dude posting some material that's older than they are. Proud to continue doing my part to corrupt a few minds in another generation ;) ...Thank you to everyone who faved and/or commented on the most recent update- the new, colo(u)r 'Jungle Janet' comic story (it's in my Gallery)). It was interesting for me to note the reception it recieved, which has happily proven more positive than I'd anticipated. As I expected I would, I've since recamembered some more steps I used to take, when I used to 'colo(u)rize' the Barbi The Barbarienne webcomic (in gr[a/e]yscale). I'm working on a new colo(u)r gag-panel cartoon I'm sure the Nankipu fans are going to like; it may or may not be ready to post when I get this Journal posted, but it will be here soon. I've done a little more experimenting with the colo(u)r work on this one, trying to emulate a look which I really admire, that many of my favorite DA artists have used to such terrific effect. I'm down to the last few details on it, which would be an amusing line to you if you could see the piece in its' current state. More to say about it when it's posted, but overall I'm happy with how the cartoon looks. That said, I've also come to the conclusion that I could never go beyond my 'Jungle Janet' level of complexity when it comes to colo(u)rizing an entire comics page-let alone a whole story! My hat is off to comic colo(u)rists, and to the cartoon/comic artists on DA who do such amazing work with colo(u)r in their art, or the art of others. Working with all those masks, and in all those layers, and dealing with holes in the line-art, and the cursed little gr(a/e)y pixels that invariably crop up around solid black lines-especially like in corners-regardless of what cpu-suckin' DPI scale you scanned the thing->ahem<, excuse me. Anyway, it's driven me bananas on this one image, which is really not a very complex drawering at all. I can't wrap my mind around dealing with an entire comics page at this level. There's no denying what colo(u)r brings to a drawing. It's something I never worked with very much, so it's all still really new to me. I was happy with my uber-detailed pen n' ink b&w style, but enjoyed doing the primitive colo(u)ring jobs on those early, low-res Adventure Island gag cartoons I did for the old JJ website (in my Gallery, too). I've dug up a few more old-but unused-gag cartoons, which I plan to get scanned in and do a little more colo(u)rizing while I've got the bug for it. I've got a good selection, and I can promise there will be something in there to make every Adventure Island afficianado chuckle. Something to keep me occupied creatively over the coming winter season...
Which is already off to a gangbuster start for much of the US, isn't it? For pity's sake-I mean, I was ready for an end to the heat and humididity, but Goodnight, Nurse! People were giving out popsicles to trick-or-treaters. I wanted sweatshirt weather, not parka weather. What did we ever do to piss off autumn so much? Good autumns are scarce these days, it seems. Or, maybe the rose-colo(u)red lenses of 20-20 hindsight can only see the handful of nice days one experiences in any given autumn. Regardless, time marches on, and so must we...Armed with renewed insight and self-reevaluation, and fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals, I'm feeling alert and ready to confront, combat and defeat my Inner-Grinch :icongrinchplz: as the Holiday Season approaches. They're not making it easy for me; we're already being heavily bombarded with the big mortars, and I swear I'm detecting a faint ammonia smell in the air, coming over the trenches. K-mart showed up before October with some ad that played with NOT being an early Xmas commercial; I laughed the first time I saw it, too. Of course, now it's November, so there are fireplaces that have stockings stuffed with powder-blue beemers hanging from them on TV. I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me; I'm trying hard to recamember what all the stuff and nonsense is supposed to be about. Being positive around the holidays hasn't come naturally for quite some time. It's getting easier, though. TV itself continues to make that easier, as the quality of programs deteriorate to where I scarcely watch anything. The Xmas carols will be starting to appear soon, as well. That doesn't bother me so much; I'll take the carols over the "Buy! BUY!! BUY!!" bombarding me everywhere I look. I've even been known to whistle 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' in July or August, just to confuse coworkers and embarrass friends & family. Honestly. The only real problem with Xmas carols is that there's really not that many of them. The same, what-dozen? Two dozen? Let's be generous, and say there are 30 Classic Xmas Carols. That's the aforementioned 'Santa Claus' song, that's 'Rudolph', that's 'Away In A Manger', that's 'Silent Night', that's 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)', all of 'em you can think of. Not really all that many different songs-over and over and over again. And they're not really very long songs, either, which doesn't help matters. Well, except for 'The 12 Days Of Xmas'; Wagner wrote operas that were shorter than THAT sonuva- Anyway, the point is, all you can hope for is for a different version of one of these too-familiar songs. This opens up a whole different can of earwigs; few things in life will bring the Puritan to the fore of Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public of Anytown, USA than a 'creative interpretation' of a Xmas carol (or the Natural Amfum). I don't mean things like singing dogs, singing kittens, singing chipmunks, or 'Let's Have A Heavy Metal Xmas' novelty alblums. I'm talking about pop artists who use Xmas carols (or the National Ansum)to demonstrate their octave range. The very ability that makes these performers pop artists-that's 'pop' as in 'popular'-becomes "showing off" if he/she dares to do it during a Xmas carol. Especially one of the more religulous ones; then it's Katie-bar-the-door- "Oh, well, they've just ruined it, now" "Why can't they just sing th' gawdam MELody? Always gotta scream all over the damn place". 'O Holy Night' seems especially susceptible to this sort of scrutiny. I always want to say, then just don't buy the CD, Luther! Get that one of Dean Martin instead. Just keep moving on, please, I'm trying to get to the toasters. I don't, because they're usually bigger than me; and I don't really know if their name is Luther, or not. But, pick your fights, people. Lady Gaga is going to sing like Lady Gaga. Don't bitch about Lady Gaga's version of 'The Little Drummer Boy' while you're standing in the aisle shoving a stock clerk out of the way who didn't get to have his or her Thanksgiving meal with their family, all because Black-Fornicatin'-Friday wasn't enough for you, you want to 'git uh jump own thangs' and go down to the Try & Save while you're still belching the Stove-Top stuffing...See? I told you, it's a struggle :D But, I feel better; I've gotten ALL my Inner-Grinchiness :icongrinchplz: expunged from my system, in one swell foop-before things really get crazy out there. I've once again said my piece about what's wrong, so now I can fully focus on what's right. Like family. And friends. And living in the 21st century. And gratitude for all my blessings. It really does feel better to think that way...


Here's an early carol that I like to sing along with... I'm sure you will, too...sure...…
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