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Like it says up there, I appreciate the Faves and the Watches, the comments and the kibbutzes, the Llamas and the aardvarks...Hope you'll continue to check in and take a look at things, and bring a friend :)


I've decided I'm just not going to make any kind of pronouncements about things I think I'll do around here, anymore; it seems to be a surefire method of making certain they don't happen. I don't mean when I say that I am going to post this story or that story; if I say some work is going to be posted, it will be. Moreover- if I'm willing to post a work of mine I find as lacking in merit as 'WonderBimbo vs. QuicksandWoman',… you can pretty much rest assured that eventually everything I can post will show up here.

What I'm referring to is like in my last Journal, when I wrote about updating the Journal several times over the next week or so - and of course, none of it happened. I do that all the time! "Duh, hi! I'm gonna do something spectackle-spectrack-expec- something really neat here next week! A-HYUCK!" ...Nah, from now on, if I get any Bright Ideas, I'll keep it to myself until they become a reality-and that way we can all find out together...

Anyway, let me tell you about what is coming up as the next big comics update for Septober. I've promised before that it would be a return to the wholesome family goodness of Adventure Island, and so it shall be... The comic in question is a Work-In-Progress...I posted a sneaky-peek page a while back,… ...however, :giggle: I kinda pulled a lil' prank on y'all, because that's not the part that's going to be posted. There's a very long, dull, convoluted story behind the comic; rest assured it will all be told in large blocks of tedious, monotonous text posted below the actual comic pages for everyone to ignore... For now, I'll just promise folks that there are about thirty pages of comic sequences that I really think EVERYone who likes the darkly comedic take on classic jungle peril cliches Adventure Island tales have provided before will find something to enjoy. I'll also apologize for that poorly-structured previous sentence. Lastly, I'll tell you that this particular comic contains what I think is probably my overall best artwork job, ever...Anyroad, that'll be the next big comics update, and it'll start this month...Probably in a week or so This month...



Courtesy my Netzero Start-Up Page; via :

"Hitler's Bodyguard Dead At 96"


In other online news...I saw another news story online about this audio-tape interview with John Lennon from 1970... Some Village voice writer interviewed John & Yoko right after the Beatles break-up in early 1970. The interview itself, based on the paltry information provided in this online story (Newser's motto: "Read less-Know more"; what are you gonna do with THAT?), there are no big revelations in the interview. Lennon says working on the last Beatles albums was "hell"; well, attention Beatles fans! Also, the article says that the tape, which the writer had forgotten about and found in a box from the closet, is hoped to fetch $10,000 at auction. No surprise about the auction, of course - but...but...:? Let's just hold on a minute, here, ladles and germanmen...Now, you can call me Ray, or you can call me jaded...But, barring the possibility that this Village Voice writer, Howard Smith, suffered some sort of terrible brain-damaging accident, God forbid-but, you know, people do have flower pots or anvils fall on their heads, sometimes-but, short of that...Just how in the Wide World of Sports does someone forget they have an audio tape interview they conducted with John Lennon?! Circa 1970 John Lennon, you know? Who ELSE could this guy have interviewed, that pushed John Lennon out of his memory? Mao Tse-Tung? Pope John XXIII?

...I think the guy missed the boat, personally. I think he'd have done much better financially, if he'd conveniently 'discovered' this 'lost tape' in, say (for cynicism's sake) 1981 or 1982, shortly after Lennon's death...Or, in the mid-90s, when The Beatles' "Anthology" project renewed interest in the group (I can remember a proliferation of "Beatles Interviews" CDs in the shops at the time; were these 'bootlegs' or something, anyone know what I'm talking about?)... I don't doubt the tape will net the $10K; I just think he could've done better for himself if he'd 'remembered' sooner...


Note to Deviant Art...Thanks for your animated advertisements; they slow down my already-slow page-loading to a lovely, mellow pace. You can rest assured that I wouldn't go see "Riddick" now if you PAID me...! :iconirritatedplz:


My inner curmudgeon is so happy that it is September, and summer is nearly over! I am well beyond ready to bid farewell to the season of sweltering heat and high humidity. Bring on the flannel shirts, roll out the sweatshirts. Roll out those beautiful fall colors in the trees. Bring on the cornfield mazes, the haunted houses, the Monster Mash...Granted, it is all-too-soon replaced by the pretty, but treacherous, season of snow and cold; and, my inner curmudgeon will return anew to grouse about driving on icy roads, and struggle to avoid falling into the Grinchmas curse...But, fingers crossed, we'll have a few weeks of beautiful, beautiful autumn ahead- and we can quit sweating like crazy every time we go outside...


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