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 Sincere Greetings w/No Ulterior Motive

 Hi, thanks for checking in again! Hope everyone is having a good know, weather issues aside...and the sorry state of the political front...and the country's infrastructure...and the continuing rise of terrorism...and scary new viruses...and Neburu...

 Wow-you could probably use a laugh after that, right? Well, here's just the thing for you; open this link-

-and give yourself 72:38 of them by listening to the third episode of UNCLE DENNY'S NOT-QUITE-A RADIO SHOW, the Podcast That Wouldn't Die! Especially beneficial to laugh seekers, this episode highlights four-count 'em, four-masters of audio sketch comedy; providing damn near an hour's worth of classic amusement...Stan Freberg - National Lampoon - Monty Python - The Firesign Theatre...Guaranteed to take your mind off Real Life, if only for a little while, or double your worry back!

 But wait! There's more! For all you, ahem, Ladies and Gentlemen of Discerning Taste out there, this 3rd episode of UNCLE DENNY'S NOT-QUITE-A RADIO SHOW offers several rather ribald music numbers to shock your grandmothers (if they haven't already been shocked by them before); that's right, it's Dirty Music Without Any Dirty Words! How can it be? How do they do it? Are they gremlins? Listen and find out!

 But wait! Even though this 3rd episode of UNCLE DENNY'S NOT-QUITE-A RADIO SHOW is dedicated to the Theatre Of The Mind, those of you who prefer to have something to look at while they listen are welcome to visit this link-…

-where's a nice picture featuring three quarters of this episode's Spotlight Cast...along with a cute kitten that looks totally humiliated-hey, the company you keep, right? Anyway, there you go-least I can do after bumming everyone out there at the start...Really didn't mean to do that, honest...

 Oh-And By The Way

 ...If listening to Uncle Denny's podcast only bums you out even worse, let me recommend a couple of other shows, produced by people who've been at it for a while, and know what the hell they're doing...

-will take you to Don-O's Hour Of Crap, of which it is neither...Your so-called host is Don O, a fellow Deviant Art member who's been doing this sort of thing since the days of putting 'audiozines' on cassette tapes through the mail (remember cassette tapes? Remember the Mail?) Your amusingly self-deprecating host (boy howdy, did I ever spell-check THAT one!) definitely knows how to put together a program...

...This is something completely different, and very cool. This link is to their official website; they also post episodes on YouTube, easily found by searching (or go to my YouTube site, Rtn Productions, and their account is linked there). "Welcome To Nightvale" is a half-hour Audio Theatre program of wonderfully subtle, dark, sci-fi-flavored humor. The show is a broadcast of the community radio station in a small town called Nightvale, and all you hear is the station announcer; reading the news, public service messages, etc. The catch is-if you recall the old television show, 'Eerie, Indiana', about the small town that attracted all sorts of otherworldly trouble; well, Nightvale makes Eerie, Indiana look like 'Davey & Goliath's neighborhood. And it's all underplayed in a way that makes it even more intriguing-and funny. This show will hook an audiofile, so beware...and avoid the dog park...

 If anyone has any podcasts out there to recommend to me, I'd appreciate you letting me know about 'em. Fire me off a link, I'd love to give them a listen. Especially any other DA artists who might do podcasts; there might be a whole subculture in the making...or a subsociety, or something...

 Appreciate the efforts of everyone I follow here! There's always a ton of pics to look at when I get back here to check. Been faving a lot of amazing stuff of late. My apologies to everyone for not commenting more; my available online time is still nothing like 24/7, so I'm still not able to hang out here the way I'd prefer. Thanks again for sharing your talents, deviants! Uh-well, you know...

"...And that's when I woke up..."
-Tex Ritter, "Hillbilly Heaven"


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