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 Like it says up there. Thanks to everyone who stopped by here during my most recent unplanned abscence from the internet. Your Faves and Watches are always appreciated! Thanks for the birthday wishes, as well. Any comments you might care to post will get replies; it really looks like my internet difficulties might be over -knock wood- and my intention is to be a much more consistent participant in the goings-on here. Your patience, and continued support, has been more than I could hope for, thank you for sticking around...


 Apologies to everyone for not being around recently. As I've explained many times in the past, I haven't had any internet connection in my house for quite a while now; at one time, I was trying to function with a dial-up connection-but even that gave up the ghost on me well over a year ago. To get online, I'd lug my laptop to my friend's, when he was home -he has the best wi-fi package available, but he's also away from home a LOT with his job- or lug it to the library, or McD's, or etcetera. So, what happened to all that? Well, first, the weather happened; as much as we're trying to forget the crappy weather we had this past winter, I've gotta bring it up again, because that's what kept me from getting online for pretty much the month of February. It was basically 'Don't do any more traveling than you have to' time for the whole month; if you got home from work without sliding off the road, ya didn't push yer luck.
 The last time I was able to get online was in early March. My only stop online that night was on DA. I was online for less than 2 hours before I had computer problems, which I'll get to in a minute. But, the time I had online that night was spent going thru journals and comments; I didn't even have time to look at any pics(which at the time numbered like 2,500; lawd knows how many there are waiting for me when I post this!), and I know that I still have several Notes from friends to respond to-so, bear with me, replies will be coming. Anyway, since it was the first time I'd been online for over a month, naturally Windoze was doing its' usual barrage of system updates. Well, after it got to where I had to restart the laptop, that's when I suddenly wasn't able to connect to wi-fi. As I said, I was doing this at my tech-savvy buddy's house, but it had him stymied; nothing he could do would allow him to connect my laptop onto his wi-fi connection again. This meant another return to Fry's Electronics with my laptop-but, it had to wait until my friend got back in town again; he was going out on the road again the following morning, and I'm totally computer stupid, and paranoid about tech-geeks tech-talking me into something -or out of honoring their warranty. So, finally, the trip to Fry's takes place, and -once again, the problem turned out to be my anti-virus program; this time the culprit was my Komodo program, which for some reason was fighting with my software and not allowing the wi-fi connection to go through. 
 When you read this, it'll mean I've finally got wi-fi at home...My work situation has improved a bit, at least enough for me to afford getting hooked up with that Netzero mobile broadband device thingie you see on those late-night television ads(you know the one; it starts with a preppie-look college guy sitting out in the campus quad or whatever, and he looks at us and says, 'You have the right to a high-speed internet connection', which always cracked me up; which ammendment in the Constitution preserves my right to a high-speed internet connection? I really wish I'd memorized them beyond the 21st one...). I'm also breaking down and paying for the g*dd@mn Norton anti-virus, which Netzero is sending to me along with their little magic broadband box; no more free antivirus, they're giving me too much grief, and since this one is what they're sending, it oughta by gum WORK this time, right? So! With the internet waiting for me, in the comfort and privacy of my own home, that means one thing; I will be able to spend a lot more time pwn'ing porn clips off of Dailymotion participating on Deviant Art. Like I said, I will answering my backlog of Notes-so, heads up, Jeff, and Curt, and Ferg, and all you others. I will be able to post drawerins and journals more regularly. Best of all, I will have more time to enjoy the posts contributed by others; I'll have the time to make more comments, which is important to me, because I know I enjoy recieving comments, myself. And I will be able to send 'TYs' to folks who fave my work again, which I haven't had the luxury of time to do for a long while.DA has been my favorite website for quite a few years now, and my DA friends are my favorite people online. I'm sincerely looking forward to being back in the old neighborhood regularly once again; 'where everybody knows your name', 'tossed salad and scrambled eggs', and all that...


 I live in Indianapolis. I didn't vote for him. Look, I remember the guy before he went into politics; he used to host a talk show on the radio, so I heard the guy speak before he had any guards up-when he REALLY demonstrated the way he thinks. I knew then the dude was bad news; I also knew he'd go places in Indiana politics, because much of Indiana really IS still in 1957 or thereabouts. The beauty of it all is that it does effectively destroy his chances at higher office-because don't kid yourself, that was this man's goal; the sad thing is the best I can say is that it might have ruined his political future in Indiana, as well. Can't guarantee it, however, not here. I just wanted to go on the record as saying I didn't put this guy in office, and he doesn't speak for everyone, here. There are lots of folks like me around here, too, who know better than to vote for anybody who looks like Race Bannon from 'Jonny Quest'...
 There are few things in life more obvious than when someone, or some corporation, tries to manufacture a trend. Don't believe everything-or even most things-you see and hear on television; no one has EVER called one of the little rectangles from a Hershey candy bar a 'pip', and no one ever will. So, stop it, Hershey's-just stop it...


 There is no irony lost on me that now, when I finally, at long last, after all this time, have access to a high-speed internet connection in my own home, I hear on a news blurb that YouTube might be-or definitely is-going to become a paysite; something to do with complaints about ads on the YouTube children's programming, or something-not sure about the details, I might have it all wrong. But, anyway, if it IS the case, guess all I can do is enjoy it while I can. If it goes pay, well, I'll miss it. I don't understand 'vines', I don't understand the appeal of a lot of the 'personalities' or what is popular; but, I enjoy the strange video and music clips I find there. I've found a lot of obscure, old artists that I never expected to be able to hear, let alone collect for myself; and a lot of new stuff I really like, as well. Sometimes, I like to inflict share these discoveries with others...
 On April 7, one of the progenitors of much of that sort of aural insanity passed on; Stan Freberg died at the ripe old age of 88 years. Freberg began his professional entertainment career in the late 1940s, while still a teenager, providing a number of voices for Warner Bros. cartoons; he was the voice of one of the 'Bert & Hubie' mice ("Hey, Boit, c'mere," "Yeah yeah, sure sure"), the voice of one of the ever-so-polite 'Goofy Gophers' ("After you", "Oh no, after you", "Oh, nono, I really must insist, after you", "Let's go together!" "Oh what a splendid idea! Shall we?"), the voice of the Abominable Snowman that loved rabbits ("I will love him and stroke him and pet him and call him George"), the voice of Pete Puma ("Oh you better gimme a whole LOTTA lumps..."), and many many others. From Warner Bros, he went to TV with former Warners director Bob Clampett to provide the voice of Cecil the Sea-sick Sea Serpent, in both the puppet and animated versions of "Beany & Cecil"; most importantly, he got himself a recording contract with Capitol Records, where he began to make comedy recordings. Initially, he recorded what could best be described as 'novelty songs'; silly little things like 'Pass The Other Udder', a sh!t-kickin' hoedown concerning a cow with '16 spigots'. He first really scored with the public thru a record called 'John & Marsha'; a spoof of radio Soap Operas, the recording consisted of a mournful electric organ playing, while Freberg, providing a male and female voice, simply repeated the words 'John' and 'Marsha' over and over again, his vocal inflections painting a 3 minute drama full of love, lust, indecision, anger, regret, and forgiveness. This was followed by a bonafide 'hit record', "St. George And The Dragonet", a devastating parody of the popular radio (and television) program 'Dragnet'-a retelling of the legend of St. George and The Dragon, performed in the style of a police procedural show. "St. George And The Dragonet" sold over a million copies-an incredible feat for a 'novelty record'; he effectively ended the reign of Spike Jones as the foremost producer of comedy recordings, and Freberg had found his niche as a satirist...In the late seventies, the Rolling Stone Record Guide pointed out that while Spike Jones poked fun at music with a certain amount of affection and whimsy, Freberg's satire had an edge; it wasn't necessarily 'good natured ribbing', his work had an air of real disdain, even contempt. While Freberg showed a genuine repect for jazz and musical theatre, his dislike for rock & roll and 'pop' music is palpable; he produced downright mean parodies of Elvis Presley ('Heartbreak Hotel'), The Platters ('The Great Pretender'), and even artists as innocuous as Mitch Miller, and his 'sing along with Mitch' recordings ("Yellow Rose Of Texas"). Edgy. Mean. And, like it or not, hilariously funny. He certainly wasn't always right; one of his very best recordings ever, "The Old Payola Roll Blues", was based on the notion that rock & roll had only achieved popularity because disc jockeys were being paid under the table by record labels to push their product -funny as hell, but supremely wrong-headed. In 1961, Freberg produced the album 'Stan Freberg Presents The History Of The Untied States, Part One', which covered the period from Columbus discovering America thru the Revolutionary War; the pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving by singing 'Take An Indian To Lunch', while General Washington debated whether to cross the Delaware in a boat called 'Donald Duck' or one called 'Popeye'. Freberg finally followed this album up with a 'Part Two', released in 1988; he promised to have 'Part Three' ready in another 27 years, but I don't suppose that will happen, now. In the sixties Freberg, a man who despised commercials and wrote and performed many savage parodies of commercials on radio, went into the advertising business. He became known as The Father of The Funny Commercial; his advertisements showed no respect for the product, or even the concept of advertising, itself. To my mind, his greatest achievement in this field was "Omaha!"; ostensibly a commercial for Chock-Full-O-Nuts Coffee, the commercial spoofed the musical 'Oklahoma', ran over seven minutes long, and only mentioned the product for about twenty seconds, about four-fifths of the way in. His televison ad for Sunsweet Prunes didn't tout the fact that the prunes were sold without pits; it made fun of the fact that the prunes were still wrinkled. A canned soup ad featured 30's musical icon Ann Miller dressed in top hat and sparkly tights, tap dancing atop a giant soup can. Freberg's comedy recording career ended in the nineties; his last recorded song, "Conspirasky Theory", threaded together Monica Lewinsky, Tara Lupinski, and the Unibomber, Theodore Kazscinski. Even in his seventies, Freberg couldn't suffer fools gladly...This is one of my favorites from Freberg, and an appropriate number to serve as a memorial- "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise". It's a parody of a specific version of the song, recorded in the early 1950s by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Les Paul, the famous guitarist, was a pioneer in the practice of 'overdubbing'; the use of multi-track recording, only possible after WWII and the German creation of magnetic tape recording. Sultry voiced vocalist Mary Ford provided three 'takes' of her voice singing in harmony with itself, while Paul multi-tracked his electric guitar (still an innovative instrument, itself) musical accompaniment. Here, Freberg provides the Mary Ford 'multi-track' vocals, singing against a rhythm track of multiple-overdubbed banjos. Edgy. Mean. And, like it or not, hilariously funny...God bess ya, Stan; it was all just darlin'...I 'ppreciate it.  I 'ppreciate it.…

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