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Like it says up there. I appreciate the support with the Faves, I enjoy the Comments, and I'm honored by the Watches; many thanks. It is great to be keeping up with things on DA, and following the incredibly talented people who share their work here. I've been making a lot of trips to the library to keep up-there's a LOT of stuff that gets posted here every day, y'know? It's hard to keep up; and the sheer volume of really really good work I see-well, you just want to take your time, really take it in. I always sense the clock ticking when I'm at the library, or McD's, with my laptop. I don't feel like I can give the work I view the time and consideration it deserves. In essensce, I cant 'relax' with it the way I would at home. Fortunately, my good friend who lives nearby has been home more the month of August; I do feel more at ease there, and have been able to take the time.
Actually, the biggest downside to public wi-fi is that I have to take the laptop with me when I go to the bathroom...  


Noted by this awfuh, with no small amount of irony and discomfort to myself, that in my previous update I'd managed to title one of the pieces "Hands Up!" - right at a point where the term had become something of a battle cry amongst the masses as a result of unfortunate, senseless turns of events here in the great Amurricun midwest; events that, even a month later, haven't even begun to be resolved in any kind of fashion. Nor does there appear to be any kind of resolution in the offing; not really even sure there are any resolutions to be found. It's sad, and kind of discouraging-although I suppose it's largely a matter of wishful thinking on my part that here, well into the 21st century, civilization had mostly put that sort of ugly acrimony behind it...
...Or is it? In the course of recent events, it worried me that St. Louis was on its' way to becoming Detroit, circa 1968-that didn't happen (the optimist in me would add "thankfully"; the pessimist in me would add "yet"). Perhaps the ugly acrimony of racial divisions have been somewhat tempered as society chugs along its' merry way, and another venomous serpent is slithering its' way into domination, one that keeps us at odds on an equally risible level. My dear father, a child of the Depression, has said for decades he believes our country is on the pathway toward a race war. I don't feel he's entirely correct. What I can forsee for our future, if we don't do something, isn't a race war, it's a class war...The seperation between the Rich and the Poor-the Powerful and the Weak, the "Haves" and "Have-Nots"-is probably at its' strongest since the time that great industrial satan, Henry Ford, perfected the idea of the assembly line and turned men into cogs in a machine. Envy. It's been drilled into society for the last sixty years, pumped into our homes seven days a week thru our televisions. Who hasn't noticed that everyone in television shows is young, good-looking, and wealthy? Even when they aren't, there's no escape, because the TV shows are punctuated repeatedly during station breaks with advertisements for automobiles that cost as much as houses in most cities. Places like Disney World cost $100 a head just to get inside the gates-how can a family struggling to pay their bills ever afford that? Moreover, why do the children of that family deserve it less than the family of the CEO earning six figures? Health care has seen a staggering leap in quality over the last half century; yet how many people have gone without the medical help they really need, simply because they can't afford to pay for it?(I know my hand is up on that one...)
The "Haves" would be quick to answer these questions with the old familiar bromide of the 'Great Amurrican Way'; "...Work hard, study hard, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and make things better for yourself.", y'see, that doesn't hold water the way it used to; the "Haves" have altered the playing field too much in their own favor. There ARE no good-paying, Full-Time jobs to be had out there. Everyone works Part-Time, nowadays, because that's what is available. Because the "Haves" no longer want to give the working guy or gal the benefits they once did. If you do an exemplary job at a menial task, it's just as likely these days to mean that management thinks they've got a real 'chump' on their hands, and will keep you there doing the same menial job; that's easier on them, then, y'see. The ones that try to follow the "Amurrican Way" find themselves coming out of school saddled with insurmountable debt - and the same kind of part-time McJobs as the rest of us. "Make things better for yourself" has become "Chuck you, Farley-I've got mine."
Envy is poisonous. So is greed. "I've got mine" sounds an awful lot like "Let them eat cake," to me...And we all know what happened to the person that first said that...


Afraid that the recent death of actor/comedian Robin Williams didn't really surprise me to the extent I'd have thought it would. The truth is, I've always had a feeling that the man would end up dead before his time, one way or another. He was simply too manic, an over-wound clock; anyone which such overt Highs has got to go through some pretty wicked Lows. Probably why it didn't effect me in the same way as, say, the death of Jonathon Winters in '13. Williams was a terrific actor, and an incredibly inventive comic mind. I don't believe he was in the same league as Winters, a similar 'steel-trap' comic mind who could be funny without being dirty; so could Williams-he just chose not to. In time, I enjoyed him more in his film roles than as a stand-up; for me, Williams relied far too much on playing the 'pansy' persona in his improvisations. Nevertheless, it is a tragic loss, for his family and friends as well as his fans. It's my understanding that there are a couple more films with Williams that have yet to be released; it's a shame that there won't be more.
Heaven knows I get depressed, too. Everyone does, to one degree or another. I have to say I can even relate to being depressed enough to wish that it was all over, that this mortal-coil-shuffle was finished. But, I simply cannot wrap my mind around the concept of being depressed enough to end my own life (and may it please be ever thus!!). Prob'ly why I'm not answering a suicide hotline. A lot of that likely is due to my being raised as a Catholic, where-at least when I was going to school-one is brought up with the belief that suicide murders the Soul as well as the Body. I sincerely hope that isn't the case; there are people in my family that have commited suicide, and I have friends that have gone thru the same thing with members of their family. That is the real bugaboo for me, these days - a suicide not only curtails ANY other options for him or herself, they burden people who love them with unbelievable guilt; what did I do, or not do, to cause this? It just strikes me as an extremely selfish behavior, which I guess is kind of a comfort regarding my own mental well-being; I don't always like the life I've been given to live, but it still beats the alternative...

Hasn't this been a real downer of a journal? Jeez...! Let's find something more pleasant to talk about...


Summer doesn't end on the calendar until the third week of September, but Labor Day is here, and that pretty much marks the unofficial end of summer for most folks. How is that more pleasant? Well, I realize it isn't for most people, and I'd have been one of 'em when I was young. Because when I was young, I didn't have to work, and I pretty much lived in a swimming pool during the summer. Now I'm a middle-aged fat guy, and I'm happy to see the extreme heat and humidity go. Granted, we were lucky in my neck-o'-the-woods this summer; we never got above ninety degrees until August 27. We also lucked out big time in not having any real weather 'extremes' around here, like I know a lot of you fellow Deviants had to go through this summer. Floods for some of you, drought for others. But, I'm still looking forward to the change of season. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I like autumn so much, I even gave it a nickname; I call it "Fall". Autumn is a calmer month, temperementally. Spring is, too, although it can get feisty in its' adolescence. By and large, Spring and Autumn are the nicer seasons; Summer and Winter are bullies. For me, the only downside to autumn is that it isn't long enough; buttressed at either end by the 'bully seasons' the way it is, one or the other usually steals some of autumn's time away. Sometimes the bullies gang up, and autumn gets short-sheeted and a wedgie. It'll be 88 degrees on October 1, then snowing on Halloween. So, you gotta take advantage of the good autumn days when ya get 'em. Autumn used to be my favorite time to go camping, back when I used to like to go camping; the bugs are gone, you can enjoy a big-ass campfire at night. It's still the best time of year to cook out on the grill. People seem to get friendlier when the heat and humidity go away, too; I learned recently that violent crime increases dramatically the hotter it gets, and peaks statisically at 94 degrees farenheit. Fun facts to know and tell. It also gets very pretty outside in my neck-o'-wafer-of-the-woods during autumn. I think it's Nature making up for the fact that all the girls start covering themselves back up in the fall; here's some different scenery to take your mind off it. Besides, it's always 'summer' in my imagination ;) ...


Here-hopefully-is a link for your enjoyment and edification...A classical music never hurt anyone, right? An interesting arrangement of eine kleine Mozart musik for your dining and dancing pleasure...Give it a listen-you can thank me later...

"When you want a melody you can whistle, we really have to go back to the old Masters, don't we...?"
-Lindley Armstrong Jones, 1957


This is one of those parts of these journals I can't really write in advance, because I've got to be online to put the links in. So, when I do get online, and paste this in from a Word .doc file, I'll add stuff like...…      Alucard's Spirit - One of the most talented and imaginative 3-D artists working on DA, he also runs the "Purest Vore" Group... Alu is a Professional, and I'm sure he'd be willing to entertain any commission work you'd like to see. Find out for yourself at...…

...and...…    A-020, also known as Quicksand Artist-which gives you a pretty good indication of the subject matter for most of his art. Hard to believe, but I've known this guy for about 10 or 12 years now. His work is manga/anime influenced, but he's taken that style and made it his own; I can always tell an A-020 cartoon when I see it, and it is always first-rate. Another Pro, he's also looking for commission work. Check him out at...

...and...…   Yuuufa is a relatively new artist to DA. I've been blown away by his work so far; it's been like discovering a brother from another mother as I've perused his Gallery, which is full of wild jungle adventure, rendered in a terrific cartoon style. If you enjoy my work at all, you're going to love his!

...before I hit "send" and post this journal. I probably should cut all that stuff about adding stuff, as well. And this, too...

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