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Don't get used to it...I've solved one of my major problems, which was my old computer finally deciding it had had enough. I do still have another big problem to solve, however-accessing the internet (mind you, it's not like Indianapolis doesn't have internet access...believe it or not, we really do. This problem stems from the fact that I am abysmally poor. It's not a lifestyle I would recommend for anyone, abysmal poverty; try to avoid it if you can, folks. You'll be much happier, and so will any household pets). Anyroad, I will be on here again soon(ish), and will go into more detail then about what I've been doing since I last posted anything; I figure it should take at least 35 or 40 characters to describe it all, unless I choose to not go into much detail...
This is just to let the five or six of you out there who may have been wondering know-the rumors of my so on have been greatly etcetera'ed, and all that...
Just to prove it's really me-and not just holygram that's back from the shadows-again-I even drew a picture and posted it. See? It's right over there, on the left side of your screen. It's Jungle Janet. She's a cartoon I used to draw. With boobies. I mean, she's cartoon with boobies...not that I drew her with boobies...
That would be fun to try, though...I might even draw more often, if I could...
Still, though...that's two new drawings out of me, in only eleven months. A recent record (too bad everything's streaming these days)
I figured, what the hell...Why should those Python bastards be the only old coots that come back in '14?

Shoes For Industry, compadres!
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DrKrazy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Haven't seen or heard of an update... Is everything ok?
pete1672 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
There's one for ya...kind of...well, it's something anyway
DrKrazy Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Hahaha well it does explain the absense.
misterprickly Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Does anyone here know Denis personally?

If so can they give us some kind of update on his status.
pete1672 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Thanks for worrying about me, Mr. P! Will be around on the Yahoo site to check out your latest Barbi work as soon as I can
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